Episode 16
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I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.
And help us to be wise in times when we don't know
Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way
Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace
To a place where we'll be safe

La luce che tu hai
I pray we'll find your light
nel cuore restera
and hold it in our hearts.
a ricordarci che
When stars go out each night,
eterna stella sei

The light you have
I pray we'll find your light
will be in the heart
and hold it in our hearts.
to remember us that
When stars go out each night,
you are eternal star
Nella mia preghiera
Let this be our prayer
quanta fede c'e
when shadows fill our day

How much faith there's
Let this be our prayer
in my prayer
when shadows fill our day
Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we'll be safe

Sognamo un mondo senza piu violenza
un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
Simbolo di pace, di fraternita

We dream a world without violence
a world of justice and faith.
Everyone gives the hand to his neighbours
Symbol of peace, of fraternity
La forza che ci da
We ask that life be kind
e il desiderio che
and watch us from above
ognuno trovi amor
We hope each soul will find
intorno e dentro se
another soul to love

The force his gives us
We ask that life be kind
is wish that
and watch us from above
everyone finds love
We hope each soul will find
around and inside
another soul to love
Let this be our prayer
Let this be our prayer, just like every child

Need to find a place, guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we'll be safe
Need to find a place, guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we'll be safe

E la fede che
hai acceso in noi,
sento che ci salvera

It's the faith
you light in us
I feel it will save us

Scene 1

[Camera slowly fades in from opening credits to show that it is early morning. The camera pans around the airport before cutting inside to show Cloe asleep in her bed, her covers have been discarded and are in a heap on the floor. She is dressed in very little clothing and is covered in a blanket of sweet.]

(Camera zooms in on Cloe to show that she is having a restless sleep, a few coughs escape her slightly parted lips which then causes her to wake up)

(Sitting up Cloe covers her mouth as the coughing becomes more violent, as she becomes more in control she slowly moves her hand away from her mouth and on her hand is spots of blood.)

(Camera zooms in on Cloe’s face which has a look of shock)

Cloe: (Scared) Oh God!

[Cloe pushes herself out of her bed and heads towards one of the many bathrooms in the airport. We watch as Cloe walks out of site before the camera then fades to black]

Scene 2

[The camera fades in from black to show Calli and Bray sitting outside the airport. They are sitting on a wall and Calli swings her legs as Bray leans against a wall, with his arms crossed.]

Bray: So you don't know anything?

(Calli shrugs as she looks up to Bray)

Calli: Well not really, I keep getting flashes, but nothing certain. Do you know what I mean?
Bray: Kind of.
Calli: I think that I'm this Danni... the one that everyone says I look like but to be honest, I'm not that sure. What do you think?
Bray: About what?
Calli: Do you think I'm anything like the Danni you once knew?

(Bray looks at Calli for the longest time)

Calli (curiously): Bray?
Bray: I think so... I mean yes... you're becoming more and more like her everyday...

[The camera pans to show Calli's face as the camera fades to black.]

Scene 3

[Camera fades in from black and pans around the inside of the airport to show more Mallrats waking up to start their day. The camera cuts into Axel’s and Darryl’s room to show a single body lying in the double make shift bed]

(Camera zooms in to show that the young guy is stirring, as he turns to the other side we see that it is Darryl. He slowly opens his eyes fighting against the sleep. As he finally opens his eyes a frown crosses over his face)

Darryl: (Croaky) Axel?

(Darryl sits up and studies the room, to find that Axel is no where in sight)

[Darryl climbs out of bed clearly upset and picks up a towel from the back of his chair before heading towards one of the bathrooms….alone. Camera then slowly fades to black]

Scene 4

[The camera fades in from black to show a bed, two figures can be seen in bed, the camera pans in to the pair of intertwined feet and moves up their bodies to show a mop of red hair. The head of red hair rolls to one side and we see that the female in the bed is Alice. As Alice mumbles in her sleep and rolls over, the camera pans to the other side of the bed and the figure turns over and we see that it is Ryan.]

(Ryan opens his eyes and looks around the room, a confused glow washing over his face)

Ryan: What, where am I?

(Alice mumbles and turns over so that she is facing Ryan, the colour fades from Ryan's face as he groans)

Ryan: Oh god...

[Ryan jumps out of bed, careful not to wake Alice as he dresses quickly and leaves the room. Looking back over his shoulder as he shakes his head, groans and leaves, the camera fading to black as he heads down the stairs.]

Scene 5

[The camera cuts in from the previous scene, we can see May sitting on her bed, the camera pans down to show a large knife sitting on the bed. May picks up the knife, holding it in one hand as she turns over her wrist and makes the motion as though she were slitting her wrists before she throws the knife against the wall.]

May: Oh god...

(The camera that had followed the knife turns back to show May bring her knees up to her chest as she starts to sob loudly. She picks up a picture of her and Salene that was on her bedside table and looks at it for a few moments before throwing it at the wall.)

May: You ruined everything. Life is a mess... all because of you. I just... just want it all to end. I want my life to be over!

[The camera pans to May's face as she pulls a blanket over her head and starts to cry again, before fading to black.]

Scene 6

[Camera fades in from black to show Cloe tucked up in bed, she has head propped up on her pillows and is flicking through an old gossip magazine, not really reading the stories inside. A knock at the door causes her to look up with interest]

Cloe: (Coughs) Come in!

(Camera pans around as Caleb enters the room, he offers Cloe a smile and walks towards the bed)

Caleb: How we feeling today Cloe?
Cloe: (smirks) Honestly?
Caleb: (Smiles) Yes!
Cloe: (Her smile fades) Like death…I can’t stop coughing and it hurts, I’m always tired I don’t understand what’s happening to me.

(Caleb walks closer to the bed and places a friendly hand on her shoulder before giving it a lightly squeeze)

Caleb: I’m no doctor Cloe and I’m sorry if I’m no help but I will pray for you, I will pray to my god maybe it will give us some answers , maybe he will cure you…I don’t know but having a little faith won’t hurt!
Cloe: Thank you Caleb!

(Caleb gives her shoulder another light squeeze before turning to leave.)

Cloe: (to herself) Praying wont be enough though!

[Camera zooms in on Cloe’s sad face before cutting to the next scene]

Scene 7

[Lex stands in the doorway of the bedroom as he watches Tai-san from afar, his smile slowly changes from a smile to a frown as he watches her. The camera then pans around to show that Tai-san is laying on their bed, her hand over her bump as she winces in pain.]

Lex: Tai-san...

(Tai-san sits up in bed and tries to smile even though we can see that she's in pain)

Tai-san: What are you... doing?
Lex: I could ask you the same thing.
Tai-san (frowns): Huh?
Lex: What's wrong? And please don't lie to me. I can see that there's something wrong!

(Tai-san and Lex look at each other for the longest time before she bursts into tears)

Tai-san: I think something is wrong with the baby. But I don't know what. Lex... I'm so scared.

(Lex walks over quickly to join Tai-san and scoops her into a tight embrace)

Lex: Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you... to either of you!

[The camera pans around to show Lex's worried looking face as the camera cuts to the next scene.]

Scene 8

[The camera fades in to show Brooke cleaning the bar, as Alice slowly walks down the back stairs and then takes a seat on one of the bar stools and props her head up. Brooke walks up to her and places a glass of water in from of Alice.]

Brooke: Good night?

(Alice groans and shakes her head)

Brooke: That good huh?
Alice (groans): It was a big mistake...
Brooke: Oh... I though he was a cutie.
Alice (raises an eyebrow): Oh he is...

(Brooke walks around the other side of the bar and pulls up a bar stool)

Brooke: But that's not the problem?
Alice (shakes her head): Yep...
Brooke: Ex?
Alice: Nope...
Brooke: Gay?
Alice: Not that I know...
Brooke: Well what is it then?
Alice: He's basically married... he has two small children, one of which was recently kidnapped... that's how big a mistake it was...

(Brooke stares open mouthed at Alice)

Brooke: Ohmigod...
Alice: Yep...
Brooke: What are you going to do?
Alice (groans): Is burying my head in the sand an acceptable answer?
Brooke: I don't think so...

[Alice groans and starts to bangs her head against the bar, as Brooke looks on sympathetically. The camera then cuts to the next scene.]

Scene 9

[Camera pans around Apollo’s room, he is decked out on his single bed, drawing simple pictures on a pad of paper. Without knocking Phoenix enters the room and takes a seat next to his brother, he tilts his head to the side so he can see the paper before rolling his eyes]

Phoenix: (laughing) Your sick Apollo did you know what?
Apollo: (Innocently) What? What did I do?

(Phoenix grabs the pad of paper and flicks through the pages shaking his head at each picture)

Phoenix: What would mother say if she saw these pictures…? (Smirks) or worse Dreamer?

(Grabs the pad back and stuffs it down the side of his bed)

Apollo: Dreamer isn’t going to see them so it doesn’t matter!
Phoenix: Your obsessed boy, you gotta sort yourself out before you get in trouble…
Apollo: (Defensive) I’m not obsessed!
Phoenix? (Smirks) Oh no?
Apollo: (shakes his head) No…it’s love…I’m in love with Dreamer!

(Phoenix smacks his own forehead with the palm of his hand)

Phoenix: Oh boy you really do have it bad don’t you?
Apollo: OH hush…its not like your not in love with bimbo Gel?
Phoenix: (upset) Don’t call her that!

[Apollo smirks as the camera pans out and the two boys exchange insults about the woman they love in fits of laughter. Camera cuts to the following scene]

Scene 10

[The camera cuts in. Slade is sitting with Brady outside on the runway. The pair of them are playing with Brady's dolls, Slade looks at the tea set that Brady has set up with a doubtful face and smiles... ]

Brady: Tea?

(Slade raises an eyebrow and laughs, careful not to offend Brady)

Slade: Please...

(Brady laughs at Slade as he picks up the teapot and pours some tea)

Slade: Sugar?
Brady: Yes please...

(Slade pretends to add two lumps of sugar to the tea)

Slade: Cheers!

[Brady and Slade clink plastic cups and pretend to have tea with the dolls. The camera focuses on Brady's smiling face before fading to black.]

Scene 11

[Ryan is sitting in the cafe, his head held up by his hands as he stares into a cold cup of coffee.]


(Alice and Ryan kiss passionately as Ryan reaches under the back of Alice's top)

End Flashback

Ryan: Oh god... what have I done?


(Alice and Ryan can be seen rolling around under the covers)

End flashback

Ryan: What have I done?

[Camera pans to Ryan's pained face and fades to black.]

Scene 12

[Camera fades in from black to show Gel sat on her sofa in her private jet crossed legged, she is staring into space while playing with her hair. She wraps it around her fingers and lets it fall into small curls.]

(Camera pans round to show Phoenix entering the jet he smiles as he crossed over to her. As he sits next to her he wraps an arm around her shoulder and pulls her close to his chest. She looks up to him and smiles)

Phoenix: Something on your mind?
Gel: (Nods) It’s just…you know?
Phoenix: (laughs) no I don’t know!

(Gel lets out a sigh as she moves closer to Phoenix)

Gel: It’s just at the moment I couldn’t be happier….you know but then that makes me feel bad as…well everyone else feels so rubbish….
Phoenix: (shakes his head) so you feel bad cause your happy for once?
Gel: (Nods) Yea…it sucks doesn’t it?

(Phoenix leans down and kisses her on the forehead)

Phoenix: You can be so cute sometimes
Gel: (smirks) So can you!

[Gel tilts her head allowing her lips to collide with Phoenix. As thy deepen the kiss the camera pans around and fades to black]

Scene 13

[Camera fades in from black to reveal a hand full of the Mallrats including Axel working in the main kitchen area preparing lunch for the rest of the tribe.]

(Axel is chopping vegetables in a world of his own when he hears the double doors open, he looks up and the camera cuts to show Darryl standing in the doorway scanning the area)

(Camera cuts back to show that Axel has turned on his heels and is already making his way for the exit. He leaves unnoticed by the others and before Darryl is able to see him)

[Camera follows Axel as he gently closes the emergency exit door behind him and sets off across the field away from the airport. Camera follows him before fading out to black]

Scene 14

[The camera pans in from black to show Amber and Trudy walking down one of the corridors. Trudy can't stop smiling whilst Amber looks solemn.]

Trudy: Amber... if I tell you something, can you keep it to yourself?
Amber (nods): Of course I can.
Trudy (smile widens): I have a new man...

(Amber stops in her walking)

Amber: A new man? That's new!
Trudy: Yeah I know!
Amber: So... who is it?

(Trudy carries on walking)

Trudy: Slade.

(Amber runs to catch up with Trudy)

Amber: SLADE... as in our SLADE?
Trudy: Yeah. But keep your voice down. Not everyone knows!
Amber: But how... I mean when?
Trudy (shrugs): It happened when I was away, when I met up with the Trojans. I think there's always been something between us, but there were people in the way, first Ebony, then Ruby... and the timing was right and I've just been falling.
Amber: Falling?
Trudy (nods): I'm in love with Slade... Amber, I've never felt this way, not even with Bray.
Amber (nods): When, I'm... shocked, but really happy for you. You deserve it Trudy!

[Trudy giggles as she throws herself into a hug with Amber, the camera pans to Amber's worried face and then Trudy's big smile before fading to black.]

Scene 15

[The camera cuts in to the scene, Cass in sitting in her room, Jake cradled in her arms, as Patsy approaches the doorway and knocks softly. Cass glances up and ignores Patsy.]

Patsy: Cass. Can I come in...

(Cass doesn't respond to Patsy and continues to cuddle Jake)

Patsy (louder): Cass... I said could I talk.

(Cass doesn't respond and Patsy walks in and stands in front of her. Cass gets up and puts Jake in his crib.)

Cass: Get out!
Patsy: Cass!
Cass (yells): I SAID GET OUT!

(Cass physically pushes out Patsy, the younger girl falling backwards onto the floor.)

Patsy (cries): Cass!

[Cass slams her bedroom door shut as the camera pans around to a crying Patsy and the camera cuts to the next scene.]

Scene 16

[Alice walks down the road, the airport looming on the horizon as she shuffles her feet. Turning right at the end of the road, Alice sees the gate to the airport in front of her. She walks up to the fence and looks through, resting her head against it as she groans and then kicks the fence.]

Alice: I can't... I can't do it!

(Alice sighs and drops to her knees)

Alice: Why? Why would I sleep with Ryan?

(Alice suddenly gets up and places her hand over her mouth and throws up violently)

Alice: I can't... I just... can't!

[Alice gets up and runs away from the airport, crying as she does. The camera pans to show the road as he figure runs up the road and disappears into a small dot on the horizon.]

Scene 17

[The camera cuts in from the previous scene to show May sitting in the cafe starring into an empty coffee cup as she vacantly clangs the spoon against the side of the cup. ]

Enola: Penny.
May: Huh.
Enola: For your thoughts. You know... the saying.
May: Whatever. What do you want?

(Enola shrugs and sits down opposite May)

Enola: I'm bored.
May: So.
Enola: So what?
May: So why bother me.
Enola: Just because.
May: Geez, you're a real cryptic!
Enola: I know.

(May sighs and picks up her cup, refilling it from the kitchen before heading back to her seat)

May: You still here.
Enola: Got nowhere else to go.
May: Great.
Enola: What's your problem?
May: Nothing.
Enola: Hmm.
May: You should leave.
Enola: Why?
May: Because.
Enola (frowns): Because what?
May: Bad things happen to me.
Enola (shrugs): Bad things happen everywhere... I'll take my chances.

[May shrugs and resumes glaring into her cup of coffee as the camera cuts to the next scene.]

Scene 18

[Camera cuts to show Cloe lying in a darken room, the windows have been blacked out and curtains have been draped over the doorway. Patsy pushes past the curtains with a tray of food and drink. She puts it on the bedside table and then goes to plump Cloe’s pillow]

(Before Patsy reaches it, Cloe grabs Patsy by the arm and pulls her down to sit on the bed)

Patsy: (concerned) Cloe? What’s the matter?
Cloe: (rolls her eyes) It’s you Patsy!
Patsy: (Confused) Huh?
Cloe: The constant fussing, doing everything for me…it’s stressing me out! I just need my friend k?
Patsy: (slightly hurt) Oh Ok!

(Cloe squeezes Patsy’s hand)

Cloe: You’re my best friend Patsy just remember that!
Patsy: (Smiles) I know!

[Patsy pulls her friend up and they share a hug before Cloe starts to cough. Patsy tries her best to hide her concern. As the scene cuts to the next scene]

Scene 19

[Calli and Bray are outside walking on one of the runways, when Calli steps in front of Bray and she puts her hand up to Bray's chest to indicate to him to stop walking.]

Bray: Calli. What?
Calli: I need to tell you something...
Bray: Sure...
Calli: Please don't say anything until I'm finished. I need to get this off my chest...
Bray (nods): Okay...

(The camera pans around to show that Amber is in the background and within hearing distance of Calli and Bray)

Calli: Bray. I've been thinking about things. About how my life has changed so much since I moved here. And I have to say that, that the more time I spend with you, the more I remember how much I felt for you all those year ago.

(The camera focuses on Bray as he swallows hard)

Calli: And what I'm trying to say in an awkward way, is that I think I love you. Do you hear me Bray... I love you!

(Silence ensues as the camera pans around to show Amber, she has heard Calli's declaration and puts her hand over her face and runs away from the scene. The camera then pans back around to show a hopeful Calli and a stunned Bray.)

Bray: Um... okay...

[The camera then fades to black.]

Scene 20

[Camera fades in from black to reveal Darryl sat on the edge of his bed, his hands wrapped round one another and his head tilted down. Lying next to him is a newly drawn picture of Axel.]

(Darryl tilts his head so that he is able to look at the picture)

Darryl: (talks to the picture) I don’t understand what’s going on inside your head at the moment and its driving me mad….

(Darryl lets out a sigh)

Darryl: (continued) I don’t understand why you can’t just talk to me…you know I would do everything for you if you asked me…

(Camera pans around to show Trudy hovering in the doorway)

Trudy: (softly) Darryl? You ok?

(Darryl looks up and simply shakes his head, Trudy quickly comes to her friends side and puts one arm around him pulling him against her chest)

Trudy: (soothes Darryl) What’s the matter?
Darryl: (In a small voice)It’s Axel…I don’t know what’s wrong with us…he never spends more then a minute with me before he runs off…I told him I loved him…I’ve ruined everything haven’t I?

(Trudy shakes her head and rests her head on top of Darryl’s)

Trudy: I’m sure you haven’t Darryl…he’s properly confused about his feeling…
Darryl: That’s the thing he doesn’t tell me how he feels!
Trudy: Maybe he’s nervous, maybe he doesn’t know how to tell you how he feels…why don’t you prepare a meal for the two of you? it will give you a chance to talk…

(Darryl sits in silence for a moment thinking over what Trudy has just said, a small smile spreads across his lips)

Darryl: That’s a great idea…thanks Trudy
Trudy: (Smiles back) Your welcome!
Darryl: Will you help me?
Trudy: Of course!

[The two set about to plan the meal as the camera cuts to the next scene]

Scene 21

[The camera cuts in from the previous scene to show Ryan walking into the airport, we can see that from the condition of his clothes that he has not been back to his room since his encounter with Alice as he is wearing the same clothes.]

(Ryan walks into his room and goes to the wardrobe and picks up some clean clothes. Cass is sitting in the room, she is watching Jake as he sleeps on the bed.)

Cass: Night out?
Ryan (shrugs): I just had to get out, get some air.
Cass: For the whole night.

(Ryan shrugs and reaches out to pick up Jake as Cass slaps away his hands)

Cass: Don't you dare. He's sleeping.
Ryan: I was just going to hold him!
Cass: Don't!

(Ryan groans and runs his hands through his hair)

Ryan: Cass... you have to stop it. Stop being so controlling. It's not healthy for Jake.
Cass: Don't you dare tell me how to mother him. You're the useless excuse for a father.
Ryan: I am not going to put up with your crap any longer Cass.
Cass: You will if you ever want to spend time with your son again.
Ryan: Huh!
Cass (narrows her eyes): You heard me!

(Ryan picks up his bag and turns to leave the room)

Ryan: Don't think you will ever stop me seeing my son. Nothing will.
Cass: Try me!
Ryan: Don't push me! JUST DON'T!

[Ryan storms out and slams the door as Jake wakes up and starts to cry, the camera panning to the crying baby before fading to black.]

Scene 22

[Camera fades in from black to show Axel sat on field away from the airport his head is resting on a tree.]

Gel over voice: I don’t understand….you either love him or you don’t which one is it?
Axel: (To himself) I don’t know

(Axel runs his hands through his hair)

Gel OV: you got to decide Axel it’s not fair on him, you cant do this! You need to work out do you love him or not? If not finish it now before you do any more damage!

[Axel closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh. Camera fades to black]

Scene 23

[Camera slowly fades in from black to show night has fallen over the city. Camera zooms in on the airport to show a hooded figure leaving through one of the side doors.]

(The camera follows the hooded figure as he makes his way through the city keeping to the shadows. When the figure reaches the final location, an old church, he lightly taps the door two times before slowly opening it a crack and slipping inside, closing the door behind him)

(The camera cuts inside to show that candles light the room. At the end of the church another hooded figure is on their knees in the praying position. Caleb removes his hood as he slowly walks towards the other figure)

(When he is standing behind the other hooded figure, he places a hand on their shoulder)

Caleb: Zoot be praised…
Hooded figure: and to his chosen victory!

(Caleb holds out his hand and helps the stranger up until they are face to face. The stranger lowers her hood and reveals herself as Tanzie)

Caleb: (smiles) You look well…
Tanzie: (Smirks) Shame I can’t say the same about you…
Caleb: (Eyes her belly) Can I?

(Tanzie nods and Caleb steps forward and places both his hands on her stomach waiting to feel the baby to kick)

Caleb: I’m assuming everything is going to plan back at base
Tanzie: Of course…soon we will have the ultimate chosen victory and no one will be able to stop us!
Caleb: (Smiles) Good…The Mallrats will easily be crushed when the time is right…and he has no idea what’s going on!
Tanzie: (shakes her head) Of course not…you worry too much Caleb, you should trust me more!
Caleb: (locks eye contact) I do…we just can’t fail this time, we have to much to lose!
Tanzie: (Places both hands on the sides of his face) We won’t

(Tanzie then pulls Caleb’s face closer to her own and they kiss passionately, as they pull apart, Tanzie gently strokes his face)

Caleb: (sighs) You should go before your missed
Tanzie: I’ve got my hand maids covering for me, they won’t betray us!
Caleb: (Pulls away and pulls his hood up) Even so…

(Tanzie does the same)

Caleb: Be careful
Tanzie: I always am…

[Tanzie turns and leaves through the back door, Caleb watches her leave before he turns and leaves through the way he came. Camera fades to black]

Scene 24

[Camera cuts to the chosen camp to show that most of the chosen are gathered around the main stage again. The Guardian is stood in the middle with Viola at his side, his second wife who is also pregnant. She has a smug look on her face with her hands rested on her pregnant stomach]

Guardian: (continued) …and they will bow down to the children of Zoot and the children of Zoot will rule the world…bringing with them Power and Chaos…

Chosen: (Chant) Power and Chaos! Power and Chaos!

Guardian: (Holds his arms in the air to silence his tribe) Zoot has chosen his final child carrier and my final wife. Her child will be the one who will defeat the last Mallrats in battle…

(Camera pans around as the guardian walks to the side of the stage, he holds out one of his hands and a girl in a white hooded cloak takes his hand and he leads her into the middle of the stage. He steps behind her and removes her hood)

[Camera pans around to show that the third and final chosen wife is none other then formal and missing Mallrat Tally. Camera zooms in on her face before fading to black]

Scene 25

[Camera slowly fades in from black and pans around Axel’s and Darryl’s room. Dark blue curtains have been draped around the room and a table has been placed in the middle of room with red table clothe and candle’s in the middle with a bottle of wine and wine glasses.]

(Camera pans around as Darryl enters the room with two plates full of home cooked food. He places them on the table and can’t help but smile at what he has done)

Axel: (Off screen) What the?

(as Darryl turns around the camera follows him)

Darryl: (smiles) Do you like it? I’ve done it all for you!
Axel: (looks uneasy) Darryl we….we need to talk?
Darryl: (Nods) I know that’s why I did this…it will give us time to talk?
Axel: (looks away) I don’t know how to say this….

(JOHN BARROWMAN - WHAT ABOUT US starts to play in the background)

Guess we've been talking too long
We know what we need

(Darryl studies Axel’s face and his smile fades from his own face)

Darryl: (Shakes his head) Please don’t….

You say the honeymoon's over
I don't wanna push
But what about us?

Axel: Darryl….I’m sorry!
Darryl: (Getting upset) I don’t understand…

It's ringing in my head
It's not what you say
It's what you haven't said

(Darryl shakes his head as he walks over to one of the chairs and sits down)

Axel: Darryl please…I just need some alone time….please understand it’s not your fault!

So What about us?
What about love?
What about saying
That we'll never give up?
Don't wanna blame ya,
We're in danger
So what about us?

Darryl: (looks up) I love you!
Axel: (Nods) I know
Darryl: But you don’t feel the same…
Axel: (looks away) I’m sorry
Darryl: (stands up and shouts) Stop saying sorry!

Guess we've been trying too hard
We misunderstood
What's good for us
I'm tired emotionally inside
Night after night,
We fight till we cry

(Darryl jumps up and storms out the room ensuring to knock Axel on his way out)

I don't know what's wrong or right
Is every word you say
What's really on your mind?

(Camera stays on Axel as he crosses the room; he blows the candles out before he drops onto the bed and starts to cry)

So what about us?
What about love?
What about saying
That we'll never give up?
Don't wanna blame ya
We're in danger
So what about us?

(Camera cuts to the outside of the room where Darryl is slumped on the floor with his head resting on the wall with tears streaming down his face)

When we love,we lie
When we talk,we hide
Maybe I'm searching blind
I'm worn out,
What are we to you?
What are we doin'?
What are we doin'?

[Camera slowly pans out before fading to black]

[End credits cut in]

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